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Managing glycation - Small device, big impact.

People are often unware of the importance of managing their glycation level. Research has demonstrated that glycation plays a key role in healthy aging, in metabolic health and in heart health. In fact, the glycation level is a meaningful personal measure of overall health and biological age.

Now, with the AGE Scanner it is possible for the first time to non-invasively measure the level of glycation and to determine the biological age of your client. This health measurement consists of a fast and completely harmless optical scan of the skin at the lower forearm.

This product was specifically designed for use by health practitioners. It is not suitable for clinical research studies.

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Innovative technology for supporting lifestyle change

The AGE Scanner is a professional mobile electronic device intended for use by dieticians, lifestyle and health coaches, alternative medicine practitioners and anti-aging clinics. The device can be used to measure tissue glycation and this measurement will support lifestyle changes. Especially nutrition and therapies that improve metabolic health and heart health can be related to this measurement.

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How does AGE Scanner help you in your practice?

Increase in traffic

Ability to educate clients on managing glycation, metabolic health and heart health

Boost client awareness and engagement to improve a healthy life style in general

Improve client retention by keeping track of progress with follow-up

Quote: ‘studies provide strong evidence that intake of a diet with a high AGE content is a major determinant of systemic oxidative stress in healthy adults’
Prof. Helen Vlassara, Mount Sinai, New York
Quote: ‘restricting the intake of processed food-derived sugars and dietary AGEs represents a novel strategy for suppressing the generation and accumulation of Toxic AGEs and preventing lifestyle related conditions’
Prof. Masayoshi Takeuchi, Ishikawa, Japan


The main sources of tissue glycation in healthy individuals are dietary intake of sugars and of Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs). Increased tissue glycation occurs under conditions of prolonged high intake or high oxidative stress. Especially long-lived proteins that provide the framework of organs are affected by glycation. By measuring a person’s glycation level with the AGE Scanner it becomes possible to initiate, support and manage a healthier lifestyle. This can for example be reached through a proper diet and the use of specific dietary supplements.


Recent studies have implicated glycation as a strong contributor to future mobility related conditions and frailty. Poor mobility is linked to the level of AGEs in (bone) tissue. The increased level of AGE cross-links is known to especially affect the integrity of the collagen network in bone. Glycation of bone can affect bone strength and lead to skeletal fragility by decreasing bone toughness and increasing stiffness.

’Quote: AGEs accumulate in bones, joints and skeletal muscles, playing important roles in the future development of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and sarcopenia with aging.
Dr. Jie-Hua Chen

How can glycation be managed?

Several lifestyle interventions reduce the accumulation of Advanced Glycation Endproducts:

Dietary intake of AGEs

Avoid processed food and cooking food at high temperatures

Dietary supplements

Supplements can reduce AGE formation and their damage

Skin care products

Creams and capsules have been created to target AGEs that have accumulated in the skin

Reduction in smoking

Tobacco smoking is a source of AGEs

More about glycation and health: Managing glycation, oxidative stress and aging.

Are you well informed regarding glycation and health and want to dig into the details of lifestyle interventions? Download our FREE WHITEPAPER on glycation interventions here.

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