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About the AGE Scanner

The AGE Scanner is a compact, handheld product that can be used by health practitioners and product consultants to measure the level of tissue glycation. The product enables several possible applications as the measurement is non-invasive, fast and directly made available to the user’s own mobile device.


How does it work?


AGEs have a characteristic natural fluorescence and in skin tissue it is possible to quickly and non-invasively detect this signal using optical measurement technology. This technology is now available in a compact handheld mobile device called the AGE Scanner. The AGE Scanner technology uses low power LED light sources and photodiode detectors to scan the skin AGE fluorescence. The device transmits the result to your own mobile device over Bluetooth. The result can be displayed and stored in a mobile app.



Download the app of your choice to your mobile device (MyAGEnow, BodyAge or SkinAge).


Connect the AGE Scanner to your mobile device via Bluetooth to use the apps


Place the AGE Scanner on the dominant forearm of the client according to the user instructions


Press the button at the top of the scanner once and wait for 12 seconds


When the LED ring blinks green the measurement result appears in the mobile app.

The AGE Scanner is a certified electronics product in the US, EU, China and Japan.

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