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The perfect tool for supporting anti-glycation, anti-aging or metabolic health prescriptions

The AGE Scanner uses patented technology to measure the level of glycation or to determine the biological age of your client. This health measurement consists of a fast and completely harmless optical scan of the skin at the lower forearm.

The AGE Scanner is an easy to use electronic product operated by a mobile app intended for the prescription of supplements or other interventions by health professionals and product consultants in clinics, private practices, and stores.

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Personalized health measurement

Important tool for validation of products in point of sales.

Increase conversion

In 12 seconds an immediate health status result of the client is created

Improve customer loyalty

Give personalized advice and follow up measurements

The product is designed to guide and support the prescription or promotion of dietary supplements. Especially supplements that improve metabolic health, heart health and decrease inflammatory processes can be related to this measurement.
The AGE Scanner offers a science-based and personalized approach to increase consumer health engagement, raise awareness for your brand or portfolio and promote a healthy lifestyle.

How does this tool increase the sales conversion of your products? 

The AGE Scanner is intended as a tool for the promotion of your  products at the point of sales. The unique experience of using the AGE Scanner can result in a dramatic improvement of the sales of your anti-glycation and/or anti-aging products through:

  1. Increase in traffic to point-of-care
  2. Ability to educate clients on managing glycation
  3. Boost in product credibility and product use
  4. Improve client retention, for example by keeping track of progress with follow-up

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Biological aging and glycation

All people do not age at the same pace. Often their biological age is different from their chronological age. Tissue glycation and Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs) have been implicated as a main driver of the degeneration of body tissues. A high level of tissue glycation therefore indicates that the true biological age is higher than the chronological age.

The AGE Scanner can provide the biological age of your client based on the measured level of glycation.

More about glycation and AGEs

How can glycation be managed?

Several interventions are known to reduce glycation and the accumulation of AGEs.

MANAGING Dietary intake of AGEs

Avoid processed food and cooking food at high temperatures

Dietary supplements

Specific supplements can reduce AGE formation and their damage

Skin care products

Specific creams and capsules have been created to target AGEs that have accumulated in the skin

Reduction in smoking

Tobacco smoking is a source of AGEs

A reduction of glycation can provide lasting health benefits and has the unique potential to slow biological aging. Changing diet and quiting smoking are important lifestyle changes that can reduce glycation. In addition there is a range of natural compounds with anti-glycation activity. There are many nutraceutical products available, including several vitamins, anti-oxidant agents and chelators.

For more information on therapeutic interventions agaings glycation please have a look at this Free White Paper or contact us to receive our information package.

Reading the results

The AGE Scanner is operated by a professional using an easy to use mobile app (iOS, Android) and enables to monitor and provide personalized advice to clients. Apps that allow the optimal use of the AGE Scanner are ‘BodyAge’ for biological age, ‘MyAGEnow’ for the measured glycation level and ‘SkinAge’ for skin age. For B2B customers a re-branded app can be developed to fully fit the business requirements.

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The AGE Scanner for measuring tissue glycation is based on patented technology using skin autofluorescence that has been in use in healthcare for over a decade. Hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific publications have underlined the performance of this technology for measuring tissue glycation.

Today, over 5000 AGE Scanners are being used worldwide to promote health.

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